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20 terms

Book 4 Unit 3 English

To _ someone is to tell them you dissaprove of their behavior.
The teacher _ Mark because he was chewing gum in class.
If something is _, then it is able to be heard.
The sound of the drums was _ from miles away.
If something or someone is _, they are impressive or frightening.
The huge military plane was an _ sight.
To _ means to be careful of something or someone that is dangerous.
You should beware of driving cars on wet
To _ to talk of one's abilities or achievements in a proud way.
He had strong muscles and _ about it to the entire class.
if someone is _ of something. then they are aware of it.
The new student was _ of the other students staring at her.
To _ with someone means to have a different opinion from them.
The lawyers _ about the best way to settle the case.
To _ means that a sound repeats itself because it bounced off an object.
The child yelled over the canyon,and the wall _the sound.
If something is _,it will happen at the end of a series of events.
The constant training and planning led the team to an _ victory.
A _ is information that suggests something will happen or it is true.
i quitely passed on a _ to my sister about the test.
An _ is a person who is not smart or who has done something silly.
If something is _, it is very large.
An _ amount of money was needed to buy such a boat.
If something is _, then it is not the easiest ors straightest way.
He chose to take the most__route to the cost
An__ is a choise between two or more things.
The children were given the _ of three houses to pick from.
A _ is an activity done for fun that you do often.
In the US,baseball or conidered that national _.
If something is _,then it is without any mistakes.
She got all the questions right, so her score was _.
To _ something means to locate it exactly.
the navigation system in my car is able to _my exact location.
To _ means to charge something to something else.
Mom _ the station from the news to her favourite show.
if something or someone is _,then they are complete in every way.
Tina did a _ job of cleaning the stains out of the carpet.
to _ someone means to cause them to suffer on purpose.l
She _ her little brother by taking his favourite boy.