Consequentialism/Utilitarianism/Ethical Egoism/Hedonism

Pt. 5 ethics review
always act to maximize good and minimize bad. there is no moral code that dictates right and wrong
Consequences are not the only determining factor in morality.
Ethical Egoism
Act to maximize your own long-term interest
Problems with Ethical Egoism
-only works for one person
-not really even ethical
Act Utilitarianism (AU)
Act to create the greatest balance of good over bad. For the greater good.
Pleasure is the sole ultimate good. This pleasure is a mental state that feels good.
The Competent Judges (Qualitative Hedonism)
People who have experienced two pleasures may rank them regardless to amount, and the higher one is superior in quality. it is the intellectual pleasure.
Mill's Utility Proof
general happiness is the only thing that has intrinsic value. since we strive to get as much value as possible, utilitarianism is true.
-everyone's personal good is good for everyone as a whole.
There is no difference between personal happiness and the happiness of others.