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Respiration Rate: Equation

# breaths/min

Normal Respiration Rate

12 breaths/min

Tidal Volume (TV): Equation

average of 3 normal exhales

Normal Tidal Volume (TV)

500 ml

What does MRV stand for?

Minute respiratory volume

MRV: Equation

TV x respiration rate

Normal MRV

500 x 12

What does ERV stand for?

expiratory reserve volume

What is ERV?

The volume of air that can be forcibly exhaled after a normal expiration

Normal ERV

700-1200 ml

ERV: Equation

average of 3 forced exhales after a normal expiration

What does VC stand for?

vital capacity "gold medal"

What is VC?

the total exhangeable air of the lungs

VC: Equation


Normal VC


What does IRV stand for?

inspiratory reserve volume

IRV: Equation

VC - (TV + ERV)

What is IRV?

volume of air that can be forcibly inhaled following a normal inspiration

Normal IRV

1,900-3100 ml

% predicted VC value: Equation

average VC/predicted x 100

What does RV stand for?

Residual Volume

What is RV?

it is the amount of air remaining in the lungs (1,200) that's can't be voluntarily forced/flushed from the lungs. important for even gas exchange.

RV: Equation

VC x factor

what is the normal factor for teens?


What does FEVt stand for?

Forced Expiratory Volume.

What is FEVt?

it is like FVC, but it specifically looks at the percentage of the vital capacity that is exhaled during specific time intervals of the FVC test.

FEVt: Equation


What is FEV1?

the amount of exhale during the first second

FEV1: Equation

(A-C)/(A-B) x 100

What is a healthy percentage for FEV1?

above 75%

What does BMI stand for?

Body Mass Index

What is BMI?

an index of body fat that corrects for height

Normal BMI range


What is the 1st step?

Body weight (lb) X 0.45

2nd step?

height (in) x 0.025

3rd step?

square the answer to number 2


step 1/ step 3

1st step RW

Determine % Fat
% Fat = 457/density - 414.2

2nd step RW

Determine FW
FW = BW x % fat

3rd step RW

Determine LBW

4th step RW

select desired fat percentage (DFP)

5th step RW

compute recommended body weight.
RBW = LBW - (1.0 - DFP)

How do you calculate Max Heart Rate?


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