F451 & Z for Zach Vocabulary 8 List

15 terms by rbieniek

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calm and showing little emotion


a singer or musician who sang or recited poems to music played on a harp or other instrument


a mythological bird that destroys itself in a fire and is born again from the ashes; a symbol of immortality


concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware, but which influences ones actions


deflected a ray of light that entered water, air, or glass at an angle


a puppet worked by strings


building used to house a tomb or tombs


a layer of rock


sadness, depression of the spirits; gloom


to call to the mind (as if by magic)


an elongated sucking organ of an insect; a nose


relating to the sense of smell


of an eye: having a number of lens-like visual units


the study of the flight characteristics of projectiles


the path of an object moving under the action of given forces

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