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the repetition of the initial (beginning sounds or stressed syllables in neighboring words ( for example: she sells seashells)


the logical systematic presentation of reasoning and supporting evidence that attempts to prove a statement or position


a personal judgement either for or against a partictular person position, or thing, a prejudice


converstation between characters in a literary work

graphic organizer

A visual representation of information such as a Thinking Map, web, chart or diagram

hyperbole and/orxaggeration

overstatement; figure of speech tat is a conscious exaggeration for the purpose of making a point( for example, the backpack weighs a ton)


words used in a way that my be different from literal meaning
(for example( it's raining cats and dogs, not for real, it raining very heavily

figurative language

language enriched by word images and figures of speech
(for example similes and metaphors)

graphic features

sources of information included in texts such as charts graphs pictures, or graphic organizers that assist in comprehension


the suggestion of emotions attached to a word such as
cheap and inexpensive

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