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* means it was mentioned in class

*angi/o, vas/o, vascul/o

(angiogram - record of what's measured with vessels
vasectomy -surgical removal of vessels
vasoligation - process of tying off vessels
vascular -pertaining to vessel
vasculogenesis - process of making vasculature)
graphein = to draw or write


(aortoclasia - ruptured aorta
aortomalacia - softening of the wall of aorta)


(arteriosclerosis - condition of hardening of the artery
arteriorrhexis - rupture of the artery)


fatty (lipid) paste
(aterosclerosis - hardening of the artery caused by fatty plaque)
athere = gruel


(interatrial septum - septum that is between the two atria
atrioseptopexy - surgical fixation of the septum between the atria
atriome - device for cutting into the atrium
atrium - foreroom in a Roman house)


(cardiomyopathy - disease of the cardiac muscles


circle, crown, or garland
Coroner - people that went around to collect taxes, cities were charged taxes to bury murdered people


(myocardial infarct - dead cardiac muscles due to blocked vessels)


(pectoralgia - chest pain
pectoriloquy - speech from the chest, you can head speaking through stethoscope)
loqui = to speak


(sphygmomanometer - hand measuring the device of pulse, blood pressure cuff)


(thrombocyte - cell that forms clots
thrombogenic - pertaining to the origin or creation of a clot
thromboplastic - pertaining to formation of clot)

*ven/o, phleb/o

(venous hyperemia - excessive blood
venovenostomy - create a hole in one vein then put the other vein to it
phlebotomy - incision of vein
phlebectopia - condition where a vein is out of place
phlebectasia - dilation of the vein)


swollen, twisted vein
(varicosis - condition of a swollen or twisted vein
varix - a swollen, twisted vein)


ventricle (belly or pouch)
(ventricular - pertaining to ventricle
atrioventricular - pertaining to the atrium ventricle)


(stethomyositis - inflammation of the chest muscles)

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