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Es la hora de la merienda.

It's snack time.

¿Quieres comer?

Do you want to eat?

Mira ¿quién es?

Look who is it?

Hola,¿qué tal? ¿Todo bien?

Hi, how are you? Everything ok?

un regalo para ti de la vecina

a gift for you from the neighbor

Vaya, una visita sorpresa.

Uhm, a surprise visit.

Mejor vamos a salir.

Better still, let's go out.

Vamos a esta terraza.

Let's go to this terrace.

Yo voy a tomar un café con leche y una tostada.

I am going to drink a cup of coffee with milk and a toast.

Y tú,¿qué quieres?

And you, what do you want?

No quiero nada, gracias.

I don't want anything, thank you.

Me gustaría una tostada y un agua con gas.

I would like a piece of toast and a sparkling mineral water.

La cuenta, por favor.

The check, please.

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