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Write Down

Obtain the answer(s), usually by extracting information. Little or no calculation is required. Working does not need to be shown.


Obtain the answer(s) showing all relevant working.


Obtain the answer(s) showing all relevant working.


Obtain the answer(s) showing all relevant working.


Obtain the derivative of a function.


Obtain the integral of a function.


Obtain the solution(s) or root(s) of an equation.


Represent by means of a labelled, accurate diagram or graph, using a pencil. A ruler should be used for straight lines. Diagrams should be drawn to scale. Graphs should have points correctly plotted (if appropriate) and be joined in a straight line or smooth curve.


Represent by means of a diagram or graph, labelled if required. A sketch should give a general idea of the required shape of the diagram or graph.


Mark the position of points on a diagram.


Describe the similarities and differences between two or more items.


Show a result using known information.


Give a valid reason for an answer or conclusion.

Show That

Obtain the required result (possible using information given) without the formality of proof. Generally NO calculator use is needed.


Use the preceding work to obtain the required result.

Hence or Otherwise

It is suggested that the preceding work is used, but other methods could also receive credit.

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