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13 terms

CBT: Procrastination Awareness

The 13 frames of mind that lead to and reinforce patterns of procrastination. Pinpoint the causes and overcome their influence.
You are convinced and also convince yourself that your situation and how you are feeling are both problems that are unending and irreversible.
You are convinced and also convince yourself that your situation and how you are feeling are both caused by factors that are completely beyond your control.
Overwhelming Yourself
You are convinced and also convince yourself that the things you want to do or need to do are too enormous in scope to deal with at all.

Example 1: ALL AT ONCE
"I have to accomplish the whole project at one time, in one sitting."

Break each project down into small, discrete, and manageable units which you can complete one step at at time, and pepper in pauses for the sole purpose of reflecting on and appreciating each step.

"I can't start or continue my new or current project because there are other things I haven't gotten around to doing or finishing yet."

Pick one thing and work on it. Focus on what you are up to by doing it.
Jumping to Conclusions
You decide against doing something because you can imagine 1) it won't go well; 2) it won't be the right thing for some reason; or 3) it won't matter anyway.

"I'd read today, but it won't teach me anything that will matter in life."

Talk directly to your imagination, preferably out loud, and offer it sincere recognition of its incredible power to conjure up such convincing visions of futility. Tell it how amazing it is.
You condemn yourself with labels, as if they describe the real you.
Undervaluing the Rewards
You are convinced and also convince yourself that the rewards of doing something ultimately won't be worth the effort involved, or any effort.
You will settle for nothing short of a magnificent performance in anything you aspire to do.
Fear of Failure
You imagine that not succeeding to some degree, even to a small degree, amounts to a major personal defeat.
Fear of Success
You are convinced and convince yourself that any accomplishments on your part will raise the expectations of others in ways you will not be able to handle or live up to.
Fear of Disapproval or Criticism
You are convinced or convince yourself that if you try something new or you take any risk, the mistakes you make will incur bitter criticism, disapproval, or attack.
Coercion and Resentment
You put yourself under intense pressure to perform, usually flawlessly, and you feel increasing sourness toward whatever you are working on.
Low Frustration Tolerance
You go into a frenzied state of panic or disturbance whenever life presents obstacles to your goal or activity.
Guilt and Self-blame
You are convinced or convince yourself that you are bad or you have let other people down in one of many critical ways that condemns you.