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Bare Bones Basic Tutorials Lessons 7 & 8

Why type keywords in lowercase letters?
to get returns that are not case-specific
What does putting quotation marks around a phrase in a search accomplish?
requires that returns have those words side by side in the document
Why would one use a * in conjunction with a partial keyword?
to ensure returns with all variations of endings; for example using lion* will give returns for lion, lions, and lionness
How should Boolean operators by typed in searches?
in caps since some search engines require them to be in caps
What is the purpose of the AND Boolean operator?
to limit a search to including both terms
What is the purpose of the OR Boolean operator?
to expand a search to include any of the terms joined or just one of them
George Boole
created a system on logic and inquery based on the use of AND, OR, and NOT; a.k.a the "calculus of thought"
two variations of NOT
AND NOT and ANDNOT depending on the search engine
using paratheses around search statements in conjunction with Boolean operators and mutiple key words
What are the implied Boolean operators?
the +sign for AND and the -sign for NOT; these are put in front of key words and are accepted more than the original Boolean operators by more search engines in basic searches
What is the purpose of proximity operators?
to narrow a search
What does NEAR do in a search?
returns hits with the two words within a certain distance away from each other in the document
What does ADJ do in a search?
allows for words to appear in any order in a seach; for example tectonic ADJ plates and plate ADJ tectonics
Why is it good to know the default settings for a search engine?
because different search engines have different default settings