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The Valley Of Forgiveness Chapter 1

This was deleted, and I am finally re-posting it.
I look around me. There's nothing left. Not a tree, nor a bird. Just me.
I start walking, hoping that somewhere there's more then just, nothing.
I don't know why I'm not dead. It's not like I've accomplished much in my 14 years of life, unless you count making the basketball team for the first time this year. I'm nothing special just an ordinary 14 year old girl. So why me? Why not my rival, miss. Smarty Pants, Raven? She has all A+'s, while I'm lucky to get anything over a C.
I see something in the distance, So I start running, but my ankle hurts so much from the explosion I can only jog slowly. When I get there I see it's a boy, but his face is covered in blood, at first I think he's dead, but then I hear him crying. I walk up to him.
He sees me. It looks like he's gonna murder me. Like the world being dead is all my fault. Event though it's not. It can't be.
"Who are you?" he asks,"and why are you still alive? They said everybody was going to die except for me. Cause I'm special."
" I'm Dawn, and who are 'they'?" I asked.
"I-I-I don't know,"he stammered,"Th-th-they left a message for me on my desk."
"Well, did they tell you what to do when the world dies?" I ask.
"Yeah they said 'look before you step, and don't eat the red mushrooms.' He answered.
"What mushrooms?" I ask.
"Umm...the ones your standing on maybe?"
I look down and see 4 HUGE mushrooms smashed underneath my feet.
"Yeah...those could be what they mean," I answer. "What happened to your face?"
Not to be mean to him or anything, but his face makes me want to barf. With all the dried blood and all, and I don't even call myself squeamish.
"Weeellll.... I kinda got hit by a chunk of metal during the bombing."
"Oh, ouch"
"Yeah it did hurt a lot."
Then I remember I don't even know his name, so I ask " By the way what's your name?"
"Oh it's Blythe," He answers.
Blythe what an odd name. I wonder how he got it.
"Do you have the note still?" I ask.
"Oh yeah it's in my pants pocket," he grabs it, and gives it to me," Here."
"Oh thanks"
Here's what it says: You are special. You Have Been chosen by us to lead the new world. Along with 11 other people. You will meet them when the moon returns. In the Valley Of Forgiveness. You will meet someone along the way to lead you. Follow them or you will die of starvation. Remember watch your step, and DO NOT eat the RED mushrooms.
Well, thats clear as mud. "So which way should we go?" I ask
"Lets go east," He replies.
I wonder why we should go east maybe he's been to this valley. Who knows I just hope that it's the right way.
As we start walking a piece of paper falls from the sky. I pick it up.
When I turn it over I see my name written on the front. I begin to read. Here is what it says: Congratulation you have survived the bombing, and you have found Blythe. You are very special. You are to lead the other 11 survivors to the Valley Of Forgiveness. You must be prepared for anything. It usually helps to go north too.
That's all? No directions, other then to go north? Why can't we just teleport there? Or just go to a closer Valley? I mean I never been very far north. Why couldn't I have died during the bombing? Then life would be so much easier. Simply because I wouldn't be alive.
"The people said to go north," I proclaim.
"Oh, the North we should go then," he answers.
So we start walking north having no idea what will face us along the way. I wonder what the other survivors are like, and how injured they were from the bombing. What if they can't walk? Then how would we get anywhere? What will we eat? All there is are red mushrooms. Which are deadly? I wonder if there's any water anywhere? What would happen if I die of thirst and never get there? Would they just say 'Oh Well' and walk away? What if..... Stupid what ifs, I swear they were invented to drive people insane.
"What should we eat?" I ask
"Well,..... When we find food I suggest we hoard it," Blythe answers.
Well, that doesn't help the food problem at all. I mean nothing could've survived that if they weren't protected. Maybe the people who gave us the message will give us food. I mean why save us from the end of the world, then have us starve just after?
As we walk I start thinking of a song my dad used to sing.
If your down,
Try to come up,
Even if the surface seems rough,
But it's wonderful!
If you actually use your eyes,
It's wonderful up here so high.
With the sun in your eyes.
No tears or sadness
Only happiness and freedom.

Why in the world I thought of this song? I mean my dad's been dead for six years now. Same with my mom both killed in a car accident. Very tragic. At least thats what the doctor said. If you ask me it's just life. If life was easy we would all be bored to death.
"So...did your parents die during the bombing?" I question.
"Um... No, they didn't they died in a house fire while I was at school last year..." he replied.
"Oh, I'm sorry," I say
"It's OK they were always away somewhere. I didn't really know them that well anyway,"
I guess it's better that they died then. Not many people want to be blown to bits by bombs. I feel bad for the billions of people of people who were. Blown up by bombs I mean. Really quite gruesome if you ask me. To bad there's no one left to ask.
I think about my friends as I wander in silence with my newfound companion, Blythe. I did't have many friends. Actually I only had one, Star, and trust she did not live up to her name. If she could hide in a corner instead of being called on she would. Star was the shyest person in the school. Her parents really got her name wrong. She's no star. All she ever wanted to do was run away from the spotlight. I feel
So bad now knowing she's dead. Along with everybody else in the world minus twelve survivors and whoever's pulling the strings.