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Testing Knowledge

Name three forms of EHR data

digital images, text, discrete data

Name at least four medical code sets considered national standards

CPT-4, ABC, ICD-9CM, and ICD-10

Describe what influence the government has on the selection of standard code sets

SELECTED MEDCIN nomenclature for eher deployment worldwide

What does the acronym HIPAA stand for

Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act

Which committee of the government has been designated to select naitonal standards

National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS)


technical names or naming system in an art or science

In an EHR, what is meant by the term "finding"

Codified observations that are medically meaningful to the clinician, less granular than individual terms and are linked to other findings in nomenclature

Explain the difference between a "findings" and a billing code



systemized nomenclature of medicine clinical terms


a medical nomenclature and knowledge base developed by medicomp system, inc


logical observation identifier names and codes


stands for current procedural terminology, a standard medical coding system developed by the american medical association


international classification of disease, 9th revision w/clinical modifiers

In the U.S., should ICD-9CM or ICD-10 be used for insurance claims?


Describe the difference between an EHR nomenclature and a billing code set.


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