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Individual first licensed after Jan. 1,2011 must complete the _ course within the first year of licensure.
Human Trafficking
A person who is the subject of an employment termination report is entitle to
File a petition contesting information included in the report within 30 days.
There are two _ month period in a training cycle.
The purpose of a L3 is:
Licensee psychological health declaration
To quail it's for an intermediate Peace Officer proficiency certificate an applicant must meet requirements to include:
800 hours and 6 years as a peace officer
The commission may deny an application for any license and may refuse to accept a report of appointment if_
Applicant is subject to pending administrative action
The age requirement for a peace officer applicant is
Agencies are to require each peace officer to complete the current firearms proficiency requirement at least _
Once a year
A license has _days to contest a termination report
Revocation of a license shall permanently disqualify a person from licensing and a license may not be reinstated except when _
The licensee proves the facts supporting revocation are false.
The purpose of F5 is
Separation of licensee form
Requests for accommodation to take the basic licensing exam must be made in a(n) _ format_ prior to scheduling a licensing exam
Written and notarized, 90 days
A licensee change of address must be reported within _ days
Any fee payment made to the commission shall be remitted by
All of the above
Money order
Agency check
Electronic payment
A continuing education course is any training course that is _
Recognized by the commission taken post licensee
Commission rule are published in the _ as they are proposed and adopted
Texas register
Documentation proving eligibility for licensing on the date of initial appointment shall be kept
In the appointing agency file
When a licensee is separated from agency the agency has _ day to serve the licensee with a termination report
The F5r is a report that provides
Previous appointment on officer record
During a 4 year cycle those holding a Basic Peace Officer certificate or no certification are required to complete.
Cultural Diversity,Special Investigative Topics and intervention training
A licensed peace officer should have continuing education courses approved by_ prior to attending to endure credit hours will be submitted.
Training Coordinator or Chief Administrative Officer of your department
The commission shall revoke any license of an individual convicted of a felony immediately upon receipt of _
Courts judgement
To quality for an advanced peace officer proficiency certificate an applicant must meet requirements to include:
800 hour and 12 years
Individuals appointed as peace officer shall complete at _hour of continuing education every_
40, 2 year
At least once every_ a special meeting will be conducted to receive public comment on training and standards
2 year
The following must report the arrest of licensee above a class C misdemeanor:
All of the above
An agency must retain files of applications for licensing for a minimum of _ after the licensee termination date with that agency
5 year
A training coordinator must hold a valid _license or certificate
The mission statement specifies that TCLEOSE is an _ state agency
The purpose of L2 is
Medical condition declaration
At least once every _ a special meeting will be conducted to receive public comment on training and standards
2 year
A licensee must complete a _course each 2 year training unit.
State and federal legislative update
An arrest change or indictment for a criminal offense above the grade of class C misdemeanor shall be reported to the commission within_
30 days
At least _ before final adoption the commission will give notice of each proposed rule change
30 days
TCLEOSE creates rules based on Chapter _ of the Occupation Code
TCLEOSE was created by legislative act in the year _
Statutory forms such as the L1,F5 etc. are considered governmental documents and subject to _ action if there are any statements made on the document
All of the above
Unless revocation is authorized by law the commission may suspend any license issued by the commission if the licensee
Violates any provision of the Texas Occupation Code chapter 1701
A licensee with Intermediate Certification must complete _ each training cycle
None of the above
The commission my deny an application for any license if_
All of the above
If the appointment is made after 180 day break in service the agency must have on file
A new declaration of psychological and physical health
The legislatively mandated training required for peace officers in every 48 month training cycle include
Is dependent on officer level of proficiency
The following criteria must be met to qualify for a peace officer license.
...Has completed a TCIC/NCIC background check
An officer is eligible for inclusion on the memorial if the fatal incidental
Was a direct result of a line of duty on a off duty
If a license is charge with the commission of a felony adjudication is deferred and the licensee is placed on commission shall immediately suspend any license held for a period _ years
During a 4 year cycle those holding an intermediate or higher ceritificate are required to complete
No specific course except State and Federal Update course
To be eligible for initial licensure an applicant cannot have been on ordered supervision or probation for any class B criminal offense within the last _ year
10 year