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Thomas Peters

central in promoting the establishment of a colony for ex slave in Sierra Leone

Black Pioneers

escaped slaves who faught to maintain British rule in the colonies

The rise in maritime trade in early modern Africa

resulted in regional kingdoms replacing the imperial states of west Africa


The most important early city in the Songhay Empire

The Niger River

River where Sunni Ali built a powerful imperial navy

Songhay Emperors

Were Islamic

1591 was the year that

the Songhay Empire fell

Vaso Da Gama

played a central role in the collapse of the Swahili city-states

The Portuguese

subdued all Swahili city-states by 1505

Alfonso I

was the ruler of the kingdom of Kongo the converted to Christianity and encouraged his subjects to as well

King Nzinga Mbemba of Kongo

was best known for his convesion to Catholicism


Meant "king," the Portuguese reffered to Ndongo as Angola because of the word

Queen Nzinga

was the chief obstacle for Portuguese control of Angola


The first European colony in sub-Saharan Africa

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