MKTG 476 Test 3

We lead through ________ and not _________
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roles that are neither functionally close to the product manager nor do they create strong dependencies for product success; may have some impact on the periphery of the product managers roleoutliersduring visual mapping we create a 4 square chart to help identify which stakeholders take the most time or take priority, what are the 2 major axises used in this chart? prioritized?urgency; powerduring stakeholder prioritization what are the 3 ways that stakeholders might be prioritized?dormant, discretionary, demandinglist the 5 stakeholder management steps in proper orderidentification, prioritization, visual mapping, engagement, monitoringwhat are 3 examples of primary stakeholders?suppliers, customers, employeeswhat are the two kinds of stakeholders?primary; secondarywhat are 3 examples of secondary stakeholders?government, media, communitieswhat are the 3 things revealed by stakeholder analysis?power, legitimacy, urgencywhat are the 3 kinds of power revealed by stakeholder analysis?coercive, normative, utilitarian