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(adj.) Traveling from place to place, especially to perform some duty or work; transient;
(n.) A person who travels from place to place


(n.) 1. A route of travel; 2. A plan or record of a journey


(n.) 1. Arrival or coming into being; 2. (Capitalized) The period beginning four weeks before Christmas; the birth of Christ


(v.) 1. To avoid; to evade by cleverness. 2. To avoid by passing around


(v.)To assemble, especially for a meeting


(v.) 1. To occur between events or periods. 2. To come between, thereby easing a situation. 3. To interfere or to interrupt


(n.) Communication from one mind to another without speech, writing, or other sensory means


(v.) To turn aside from a course, norm, pattern


(adj.) 1. Winding; roundabout. 2. Underhanded; deceptive


(adj.) 1. Not penetrable by light rays, moisture, etc. 2. Incapable of being influenced or affected

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