27 terms

USMC Rank Insignia

Private (PVT)
No Insignia
Private First Class (PFC)
Lance Corporate (LCPL)
Corporal (CPL)
Sergeant (SGT)
Staff Sergeant (SSGT)
Gunnery Sergeant (GYSGT)
Master Sergeant (MSGT)
First Sergeant (1SGT)
Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGYSGT)
Sergeant Major (SGTMAJ)
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (SGTMAJMC)
Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt)
First Lieutenant (1st Lt)
Captain (Capt)
Major (Maj)
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col)
Colonel (Col)
Brigadier General (Brig. Gen)
Major General (Maj. Gen)
Lieutenant General (Lt. General)
General (Gen)
Warrant Officer 1 (WO)
Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CWO2)
Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CWO3)
Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CWO4)
Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CWO5)