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http://quizlet.com/45154198/41-wants-flash-cards/ * Maps, tables, graphs, charts, and pictures are visual aids used to gather, display, and classify geographic information. * The letter (left) and number (bottom) coordinates of a grid system identify the approximate location of a place.

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Where people live
The kind of weather an area has over a long period of time
Any one of the four phases of the year
(spring, summer, fall or winter)
The shape of the land's surface
Physical surroundings
land and bodies of water
Physical surroundings
* Location and climate affect the way people in a community meet
their basic needs
* Geography affects how people and what is available for recreation
Basic Needs:
- Food
- Clothing
- Shelter
different traits
places that have common characteristics
A large body of land on the Earth
Seven (7) Continents:
1) North America
2) South America
3) Europe
4) Asia
5) Africa
6) Australia
7) Antarctica
5 Oceans
1) Arctic Ocean
2) Atlantic Ocean
3) Indian Ocean
4) Pacific Ocean
5) Southern Ocean
The United States is located in what continent?
North America
England, France, and Spain are located in what continent?
What river flows south through the middle of the United States?
Mississippi River
Christopher Newport sailed on the ______ River
James River
The _______ forms part of the border between the United States and Mexico.
Rio Grande
The _____ & _____ are 2 mountain ranges in the United States.
1) Appalachian
2) Rocky Mountain
The group of lakes between the United States and Canada are called the _______.
Great Lakes
What is the capital of the United States?
Washington, DC
What is the capital of Virginia?
* States and countries may be located by their shapes on maps and globes.
* Capital cities may be located by using symbols on a map.
Something that stands for something else
A round model of the Earth
A drawing of a place (classroom, playground, neighborhood, river, ocean)
Maps and globes show:
- The location of places in stories and real-life
- Things as they are, only smaller
- The position of objects
- What things look like from above
* Land and water features on maps and globes are shown by different colors.
Parts of a map
- Title
- Legend
- Compass Rose
The name or kind of map
A list of symbols used on a map and an explanation of what each stands for
Compass Rose
Symbol that shows direction (north, east, west and south)
Cardinal directions
The directions of north, east, south, west
Cardinal directions
- Used to determine location on simple maps
- A compass rose may include the intermediate directions of northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest
A picture or thing that stands for something else
Map symbols identify:
- Land
- Water
- Cities
- Roads
Half of a sphere (globe) created by the prime meridian or the equator
An imaginary line around the middle of the earth that divides the globe into Northern and Southern Hemispheres
Prime Meridian
An imaginary line that divides the globe into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres