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  1. diapedesis
  2. platelets or thrombocytes develop in
  3. 2 different names for nutrophiles
  4. eosinophiles
  5. life span of red blood cells
  1. a increase in the number in allergic condition; they release histamines
  2. b movement of white blood cells through an unbroken capillary
  3. c 120 days
  4. d polys or polymorpho neuclear lucocytes
  5. e red bone marrow

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  1. hemoglobin is combined with carbon monoxide "cherry red color"
  2. Most numerous of formed elements
  3. red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelettes or thrombocytes
  4. are the most numerous of all white blood cells; they digest harmful bacteria
  5. acidophiles

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  1. crenationthe shrinking of red blood cells which occurs in hypertonic solution


  2. what is Hemethe Protein part of hemoglobin


  3. what is globinthe Protein part of hemoglobin


  4. function of platelets or thrombocytesthey do not have a nucleus and they are the smallest of the formed elements


  5. Oxy-hemoglobin is formed whenhemoglobin is combined with carbon monoxide "cherry red color"