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  1. eosinophiles
  2. erythropoiesis
  3. plasma carries
  4. another name for white blood cells
  5. crenation
  1. a process of forming red blood cells which occurs in red bone marrow
  2. b increase in the number in allergic condition; they release histamines
  3. c nutirents, waste products, antibodies, clotting proteins called clotting factors, hormones, and proteins
  4. d the shrinking of red blood cells which occurs in hypertonic solution
  5. e Leucocytes

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  1. hemoglobin combines with oxygen (o2)
  2. antithrombin, and antiprothrombin
  3. is whats left after formed elements are removed from blood. its straw (amber or yellow) color; a clear yellowish fluid
  4. hemoglobin combines with co2
  5. red bone marrow

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  1. plasmaplasma minus the clotting proteins. fluid that remains after a clot has formed


  2. another name for a Red Blood CellLeucocytes


  3. what is Hemenon-protein that contains iron, and imports the red color


  4. leucopeniaprocess of forming white blood cells


  5. another name for eosinophilesacidophiles