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  1. 5000
  2. hunt prey on the bottom
  3. True
  4. Galapagos
  5. half
  1. a Sensory pits on the CHimaera's chin may allow the fish to
  2. b David Attenborough improved reproduct stats by building a bigger rock pile for a male side-blotched lizard T/F
  3. c The Abyssal Plain cover over ____ of the earth's surface
  4. d Marine Iguanas are found in the _____ Islands
  5. e About_____ Humpback Whales spend each winter in waters off the Hawaiian Islands

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  1. The once common Minorcan plant is now rare in part because lizards kill the flies that germinated the plant T/F
  2. At cold seeps, mussels get their energy from___ that fix the methane that seeps from the seabed
  3. Some Echinoderms, such as urchins, stay in grps to ensure they are not too far from_______
  4. Research indicates that Humpback Whales are attracted mostly by_____
  5. Humpback Whales sing a song that last for

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  1. tiny movementsThe call of a humback whale may carry _____


  2. The Australian DessertThe Moloch or Thorny Devil as it is sometimes called is found in______


  3. CaliforniaBioluminescece, whic is generated by_____ is used by deep ocean animals to attract and locate prey, excape, from predators and communicate


  4. predatorsArmadillo Lizards of South Africa bask socially to avoid___


  5. Mexican beadedAustralia Lace Monitors lay their eggs in_____