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  1. woodlands of North America
  2. potential partners
  3. 6
  4. True
  5. sun
  1. a Some Echinoderms, such as urchins, stay in grps to ensure they are not too far from_______
  2. b Female five-lined skinks in____ warm their bodies by basking and then use that heat to warm their eggs
  3. c Polychaete worms,mussels, crabs, and tubeworms are among about 500 species living at underwater vents that do not depend on energy from______
  4. d Humpbacks from southeastern Alaska swim south at ___ miles per hour
  5. e Ice crystals from in the bodies of baby Painted Turtles

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  1. The polyps of the mushroom Coral are the largest among corals in order to_____
  2. Sex in crocodiles is determined by the _____ of the nest
  3. Research indicates that Humpback Whales are attracted mostly by_____
  4. Bioluminescece, whic is generated by_____ is used by deep ocean animals to attract and locate prey, excape, from predators and communicate
  5. Pygmy Leaf Chameleons feed on ____

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  1. 150 millionthe 6-gill SHark which can grow 8 meters, has remained unchanged for nearly______ yrs


  2. FalseReptiles are incapable of being warm-hearted


  3. halfReptiles are incapable of being warm-hearted


  4. CaliforniaFemale SIde-bloched lizards in_____ choose males who have the best heating


  5. blood vesselsLarge number of _____ ducks that have migrated to southeastern Alaska from the arctic