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  1. Flies
  2. True
  3. sun
  4. California
  5. fish stocks
  1. a SOme geckos feed on honeydew T/f
  2. b Female SIde-bloched lizards in_____ choose males who have the best heating
  3. c Research indicates that Humpback Whales are attracted mostly by_____
  4. d Polychaete worms,mussels, crabs, and tubeworms are among about 500 species living at underwater vents that do not depend on energy from______
  5. e The minorcan lizards feed on _____ attracted by special plants

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  1. At cold seeps, mussels get their energy from___ that fix the methane that seeps from the seabed
  2. There is a huge concentration of about___ tortoises on Dassen Island
  3. Humpback Whales sing a song that last for
  4. Humpback whales in the southern hemisphere have more _____ marking that humpbacks from the northern hemisphere
  5. Chameleons may use color changes to express emotions T/F

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  1. 150 millionThe call of a humback whale may carry _____


  2. propelChameleons may use color changes to express emotions T/F


  3. FalseDeep ocean animals lack red pigmentT/F


  4. The Australian DessertThe Moloch or Thorny Devil as it is sometimes called is found in______


  5. TrueShingle-back Skinks in Australia may stay with the same mate for 20 yrs or more