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  1. half
  2. True
  3. False
  4. blood vessels
  5. predators
  1. a The Abyssal Plain cover over ____ of the earth's surface
  2. b Armadillo Lizards of South Africa bask socially to avoid___
  3. c In the fossilized plates on the back of a Stegosaurus one can see lines that were once_____
  4. d SOme geckos feed on honeydew T/f
  5. e Large male Humpback Whale that visits the cow and her calf in the Hawaiian water is probably there to help guard the calf T/F

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  1. Ice crystals from in the bodies of baby Painted Turtles
  2. Polychaete worms,mussels, crabs, and tubeworms are among about 500 species living at underwater vents that do not depend on energy from______
  3. Deep ocean animals lack red pigmentT/F
  4. Sensory pits on the CHimaera's chin may allow the fish to
  5. Female SIde-bloched lizards in_____ choose males who have the best heating

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  1. FliesThe minorcan lizards feed on _____ attracted by special plants


  2. 150At a depth of 1000 meters or more, the Sperm Whale's lungs are compressed to____% of their volume


  3. termite nestsHumpback Whales sing a song that last for


  4. FalseThe Abyssal Plain cover over ____ of the earth's surface


  5. The Australian DessertAustralia Lace Monitors lay their eggs in_____


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