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  1. 1/2 hr
  2. hunt prey on the bottom
  3. sun
  4. fish stocks
  5. True
  1. a Research indicates that Humpback Whales are attracted mostly by_____
  2. b Shingle-back Skinks in Australia may stay with the same mate for 20 yrs or more
  3. c Male tortoises may fight over females for as long as___
  4. d Sensory pits on the CHimaera's chin may allow the fish to
  5. e Polychaete worms,mussels, crabs, and tubeworms are among about 500 species living at underwater vents that do not depend on energy from______

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  1. Humpback whales in the southern hemisphere have more _____ marking that humpbacks from the northern hemisphere
  2. Sex in crocodiles is determined by the _____ of the nest
  3. The Abyssal Plain cover over ____ of the earth's surface
  4. The Moloch or Thorny Devil as it is sometimes called is found in______
  5. Female SIde-bloched lizards in_____ choose males who have the best heating

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  1. FalseReptiles are incapable of being warm-hearted


  2. South AmericaBioluminescece, whic is generated by_____ is used by deep ocean animals to attract and locate prey, excape, from predators and communicate


  3. FalseThe once common Minorcan plant is now rare in part because lizards kill the flies that germinated the plant T/F


  4. BacteriaDeep ocean animals lack red pigmentT/F


  5. Basking in su and sun baked rocksMarine Iguanas gain heat through