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Root/affix words for Mrs. Klara's class.

syn/syn: origin: greek

Together, united or alike

theo: origin: greek


anthro: origin: greek


ject: origin: latin

to throw

pseudo: origin: greek


hydra/hydro: origin: greek


cide: origin: latin

to kill

aud: origin: latin

to hear

ness: origin: old english

state of

ive: origin: latin

tending to, having the nature of

pater: origin: latin


mater: origin: latin


scribe/script: origin: latin

to write or copy letters

dic/dict: origin: latin

speak or tell

ambi: origin: greek and latin

both or both sides

bi: origin: latin


omni: origin: latin

all, every, everywhere

peri: origin: greek

around or enclosing

spect: origin: latin

see or look

helio: origin: greek


bio: origin: greek


micro: origin: greek


macro: origin: greek

large, long

ob: origin: latin

in the way of, against

circ: origin: latin

circle or round

anti: origin: greek

against, opposite

cata: origin: greek


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