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  1. New York
  2. Harvard
  3. Roger Williams
  4. Atlantic Ocean
  5. St. Augustine
  1. a ocean that touches the EAST coast of the United States
  2. b ENGLAND, FRANCE AND HOLLAND claimed this land
  3. c the first permanent EUROPEAN settlement in the New World
  4. d founded the colony of RHODE ISLAND
  5. e the FIRST COLLEGE in America

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  1. major INDUSTRY in New England
  2. greatly influenced AMERICAN SCHOOLS
  4. CHIEF FOOD CROP in the new colonies
  5. settled to be a refuge for the PURITANS

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  1. Thomas Hookerthe pilgrims came to America on this SHIP


  2. Rhode Islandcolony first to offer complete RELIGIOUS FREEDOM


  3. North Americacontinent that contains Canada, Mexico & the United States


  4. John Smithmajor INDUSTRY in New England


  5. Mayflowerthe pilgrims came to America on this SHIP