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  1. George Whitefield
  2. Africa
  3. Roger Williams
  4. North America
  5. New France
  1. a founded the colony of RHODE ISLAND
  2. b the first name for CANADA
  3. c continent Vaso da Gama sailed around from Portugal to Asia
  4. d started the first ORPHANAGE in America
  5. e continent that contains Canada, Mexico & the United States

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  2. the first permanent FRENCH settlement in the New World
  3. the first permanent EUROPEAN settlement in the New World
  4. the pilgrims came to America on this SHIP
  5. the FIRST COLLEGE in America

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  1. Fishingmajor INDUSTRY in New England


  2. Marylandthe FIRST COLLEGE in America


  3. Pacific Oceanocean that touches the WEST Coast of the United States


  4. San Salvadora REFUGE for the QUAKERS


  5. Atlantic Oceanocean that touches the EAST coast of the United States