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  1. Pennsylvania
  2. Australia
  3. San Salvador
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Arctic Ocean
  1. a CONTINENT with only ONE COUNTRY
  2. b settled to be a refuge for the PURITANS
  3. c the place where COLUMBUS FIRST LANDED
  4. d most NORTHERN ocean and the COLDEST ocean
  5. e a REFUGE for the QUAKERS

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  1. started the first ORPHANAGE in America
  2. founded the colony of RHODE ISLAND
  3. ENGLAND, FRANCE AND HOLLAND claimed this land
  4. used by MILLIONS OF CHILDREN for over 150 years
  5. invented the ROCKING CHAIR; good friend of GEORGE WHITEFIELD

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  1. Thomas Hookerfounder of CONNECTICUT


  2. Rhode Islanda REFUGE for the CATHOLICS


  3. Atlantic Oceanmost NORTHERN ocean and the COLDEST ocean


  4. Harvardthe FIRST COLLEGE in America


  5. Fishingmajor INDUSTRY in New England