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passé composé

the auxiliary verb (avoir ou être ) + past participle

negation=aux verb negated
ne + aux verb + pas + pp


if direct object pronoun proceeds verb, must agree in gender and number with direct object

être-17 verbes

GO=aller, descendre, mourir, sortir, tomber, monter, partir
COME=arriver,naître,venir, devenir, rentrer, retourner, revenir, entrer, rentrer
IN BETWEEN=rester, passer
***must agree in gender and number with subject of verb

reflexive verbs

conjugated with être in passé composé

pronoun + être (conjugated) + past participle

regular past participles

er --> é
ir --> i
re --> u

Imperfect (imparfait)

nous stem + ais, ais, ait, ions, iez, aient

--être has stem = ét-

Passé composé vs. Imperfect

Passé Composé
What happened? What happened once? What happened next? Then what happened?

What were the conditions at the time? Was the action expressed by the verb a habitual action? Did it occur repeatedly?

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