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FCE Gold Plus SB p143 Unit 12

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(of the weather) extremely hot and unpleasant and lacking fresh air
e.g. There was a kind of _____________ heat and I knew there would be a storm.
(of the weather) not bright, with a lot of clouds
synonym= overcast
e.g. It was a ______, grey day.
(of a building, room, etc.) warm in an unpleasant way and without enough fresh air
e.g. a _________ room
e.g. It gets very hot and _________ in here in summer.
die through lack of air
e.g. Many dogs have _________d in hot cars.
walk nervously/angrily in one direction then back again
e.g. She __________d up and down outside the room.
creep (crept, crept)
to move slowly, quietly and carefully, because you do not want to be seen or heard
e.g. I _______ up the stairs, trying not to wake my parents.
stop for a moment
e.g. Anita _______d for a moment, then said: 'All right'.
to hit something hard many times, especially so that it makes a loud noise
e.g. Someone was _________ing at the door.
strike (struck, struck)
[transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses) (of a thought or an idea) to come into somebody's mind suddenly
e.g. An awful thought has just ________ me.
to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way
e.g. People were _________ing along the beach.
to hit a door, etc. firmly in order to attract attention
e.g. He ________ed three times and waited.
to breathe quickly with short breaths, usually with your mouth open, because you have been doing some physical exercise, or because it is very hot
e.g. He found her _______ing for breath at the top of the hill.
to take a quick deep breath with your mouth open, especially because you are surprised or in pain
gasp (at something)
e.g. She ________ed at the wonderful view.
to look closely or carefully at something, especially when you cannot see it clearly
e.g. We ________ed into the shadows.
e.g. He went to the window and _________ed out.
to look quickly at something/somebody
e.g. She ________d at her watch.
e.g. He ________d around the room.
to look at somebody/something for a long time
e.g. I screamed and everyone _________d.
e.g. I _________d blankly at the paper in front of me.