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Neshamah Spelling
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Ruach definitioncontains the conscious mind and reasoning powers. Seat of outer consciousness where humanity becomes aware of thought-images and fashion thoughts into actions. Here humans use powers of discrimination as the mind navigates continuously between secular and transcendent functions.Nephesh SpellingN - P - ShNephesh sephirothLowest part, Yesod and MalkuthNephesh Definitiona low level of awareness - primal instincts, fundamental drives, animal vitality from prehistoric pastG'uph spellingG - PG'uph sephirothMalkuthG'uph definitiona low level of subconscious closely tied to human body and total range of psychophysical functions.Define Astral SpiritsAstral Plane entities: detached and non-conscious entities, false and illusionary forms, shells of the dead, ghosts and phantoms.Define Elemental Spiritsbelonging to nature of the Elements, some good and some evil. Hierarchies similar to those of angels and archangelsDefine AngelPure and high Spirit of unmixed good in office and operation. in QBL considered aspects of God with particular purpose and jurisdiction.