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Number of degrees in a circle
Number of degrees in a straight line
Area of a triangle
An isosceles triangle has...
two equal sides and two equal angles
(f) Area of a parallelogram
(f) Area of a circle
(f) Circumference of a circle
(f) Volume of a rectangular solid
(f) Volume of a cube
(f) Volume of a cylinder
ratio for sides of a 30-60-90 triangle
ratio for sides of a 45-45-90 triangle
(f) Pythagorean theorem
Degrees of a x-x√3-2x triangle
Degress of a x-x-x√2 triangle
(f) Sum of interior angles of a polygon
180(n-2) n=number of sides
Definition of RATE
distance/time OR amount of work/time
Definition of MEAN
the average
Definition of MODE
the number that occurs most frequently
Definition of MEDIAN
the middle number
Definition of CONVEX POLYGON
A polygon with interior angles that measure less than 180 degrees.
(f) Perimeter of a polygon
sum of the lengths of its sides
Name of the side of a triangle opposite the right angle
What is a quadrilateral with two sides that are parallel?
(f) Area of a trapezoid
1/2 (sum of bases)(height)
What is a chord of a circle?
a line segment that has its endpoints on the circle
(f) Length of an arc of a circle
x / 360 x=angle between two circle radius
(d) A line that has exactly one point in common with circle
(d) What is an inscribed polygon?
Each vertex of the polygon lies on a circle
(d) What is a circumscribed circle?
A circle containing a polygon where each vertex of the polygon touches the circle
(d) What is a circumscribed polygon?
A polygon that has each side tangent to a circle. The circle is in the polygon.
(d) What is an inscribed circle?
A circle that is contained by a polygon. Each side of the polygon is tangent to the circle.
(d) What type of triangle can be inscribed in a circle so that one of its sides is a diameter of the circle?
A right triangle
(f) How do you determine the distance between 2 points in a coordinate plane?
Draw a triangle and use the Pythagorean theorem
(f) Formula for slope of a line
m=(y₁- y₂)/(x₁- x₂)
(d) What is the y-intercept?
The point where a line intersects the y-axis.
(d) What is the x-intercept?
The point where a line intersects the x-axis.
What direction does a negative line slope slant?
Downward from left to right
(f) Quadratic polynomial function and purpose
f(x) = x² - 1 Typically used to find coordinates (x, f(x))
(d) What is a proportion?
A statement that two ratios are equal. Ex. 2/3 is proportional to 8/12
(d) What is the range for a series of numbers?
The greatest value in the set minus the least value.
How do you determine the standard deviation for a set of numbers?
1 - Find the mean
2 - Find the differences between the mean and each of the n numbers
3 - Square each of the differences
4 - Find the average of the squared differences
5 - Take the nonnegative square root of the average
(d) Factorial n!
The product of all positive integers less than or equal to n i.e. (n)(n-1)(n-2)...(1)
Rule for multiplying exponents [ (x⁴)(x³)= ]
Add exponents (x⁷)
Rule for dividing exponents (x⁸ / x⁵=...)
Subtract exponents (x³)
Rule for raising to a power [ (x³)² =]
Multiply exponents (x⁶)
x⁰ =
A fraction between 0 and 1 raised to a positive integer is...
smaller than the original fraction
(a√r )(b√s) =
The square root of a fraction between 0 and 1 is...
greater than the original fraction
Is 0 Positive or Negative?
It is neither
+ Plus + = ?
+ Minus - = ?
- Plus - = ?
- Minus + = ?
How to find all common factors of two numbers
Break down both numbers to their prime factors to see what factors they have in common. Multiply shared prime factors to find all common factors
Simple Probability
(# of favorable outcomes)/(# of possible outcomes)
Gross Profit
Selling Price - Cost