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  1. Blood type(s) that someone with type O blood can safely receive.
  2. In systemic circulation, blood returns from your abdomen through the inferior vena cava to the _____________.
  3. When you do get sick, your body has defenses in the form of
    (b) ________________
  4. Your respiratory system has _________and mucus in the nose and throat to trap pathogens.
  5. tetanus
  1. a right atruim
  2. b bacteria
  3. c cilia
  4. d Only O
  5. e (a) active
    (b) passive

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  1. Only AB
  2. skin
  3. help clot blood
  4. (a) enzymes
    (b) liver
  5. carbon dioxide and oxygen.

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  1. When tissue is damaged by infection, it becomes ____________.inflamed


  2. hepatitisbacteria


  3. chicken poxvirus


  4. When you ______________you expel pathogens.white blood cells


  5. strep throatvirus