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  1. strep throat
  2. _________diseases are spread by water, air, food, contact, and by organisms.
  3. influenza
  4. When you ______________you expel pathogens.
  5. In systemic circulation, blood returns from your abdomen through the inferior vena cava to the _____________.
  1. a cough or sneeze
  2. b Infections
  3. c bacteria
  4. d virus
  5. e right atruim

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  1. low in oxygen
  2. red blood cells
  3. bacteria
  4. heart and lungs
  5. virus

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  1. Blood type(s) that someone with type O blood can safely receive.Only O


  2. measlesvirus


  3. Plasmavirus


  4. Leukemia is a deisease in which _________are produced in great numbers.white blood cellss


  5. The _________________fight bacteria and viruses.cough or sneeze


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