Plant Toxins - Muscle & Bone: part 2

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coffee is in which family?
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PDE normally breaks downcAMPWith caffeine, PDEcan't do its jobYerba Mate, Black Drink is from which family?AquifoliaceaeYerba Mate, Black Drink Species is:ilexGuarana is found in which family?SapindaceaeGuarana scientific name isPaullinia cupanaTea is in which family?TheaceaeTea scientific name isCamellia sinensisCocoa is in which family?MalvaceaeCocoa scientific name isTheobroma cacaoCola/Kola is in which family?MalvaceaeOsteoclast function isbone breakdownOsteoblast function isbuilding boneDipsacus asper is in which family ?Caprifoliaceaeasperosaponin Increasesbone densityDipsacus asper contains what compound?asperosaponinasperosaponin possibly ReducesosteoporosisSambucus williamsii is found in which family?AdoxaceaeSambucus williamsii helps in preservation ofbone densityGlycine Max is found in which family?FabaceaeGlycine Max is commonly known asSoyglycine max containsGenisteinGenistein can potentially result in decreasingbone resorption/osteoporosis