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I'm -
I am
you're -
you are
he's -
he is ; he has
she's -
she is ; she has
it's -
it is;it has
we're -
we are
they're -
they are
aren't -
are not
isn't -
is not
there's -
there is
that's -
that is
I'd -
I would ; I had
you'd -
you would ; you had
he'd -
he would ; he had
she'd -
she would ; she had
it'd -
it would ; it had
we'd -
we would ; we had
they'd -
they would ; they had
woudn't -
would not
hadn't -
had not
I've -
I have
you've -
you have
we've -
we have
they've -
they have
haven't -
have not
hasn't -
has not
I'll -
I will
you'll -
you will
he'll -
he will
she'll -
she will
we'll -
we will
they'll -
they will
won't -
will not
let's -
let us
here is
how's -
how is
who's -
who is
what's -
what is
don't -
do not
doesn't -
does not
didn't -
did not
wasn't -
was not
weren't -
were not
shouldn't -
should not
can't -
out of-The mugger came outta nowhere.-Get outta here, now!
son of bitch
got you
gotcha- '' I've gotcha now. You won't get away ''
bet you
betcha-I betcha we're gonna be late.
going to
gonna-I'm gonna do what I please. Nothing can stop me.
ought to
oughta -They oughta do summink about the traffic. (= Eles precisam dar um jeito no trânsito.)
should have
should've - (Devem)
could have
could've (= Podiam)
would have
shut up
shaddup -"Shaddap", he yelled at the dog.
did you
didja -Didja remember to buy some soda? "Didja Ever Get One of them Days?"
do you
dja-dju - Dju-dja wanna cup of coffee?
lot of
lotta - "Whole Lotta Love"
hell of
helluva - We had helluva good time at last night's party.- Nos divertimos pacas na festa de ontem à noite.
don't you
dontcha - "Dontcha Think It's Time" (
won't you
give me
gimme -"Gimme Some Lovin'"
have to
hafta -I hafta go.
want to
wanna - "I Wanna Be Your Man"
want to be
wannabe - He's wannabe singer, but he sings flat. Can't sing in key at all.
go for
gofer - He's the gofer at the office. He goes for tea, goes for coffee, goes for sandwich.
am not-is not-are not
ain't - I;he;she;you;we;they ain't feeling too good after eating so much. ( gente não está se sentindo bem após ter comido tanto.)
It ain't happening.
Não está acontecendo.
with me
wimme - You comin' wimme?
Got to
Gotta - It's late. I've gotta go. (I have got to go.)