HSES 289 Final

The team that created a 10-win ticket package...
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The amount of Williams Fund points you have...determines where you get to sit in Allen Fieldhouse.Student fees and tuition reallocations...are the majority of how the athletic departments are funded.How efficiently the fans are able to leave the stadium and parking lot...is the biggest concern in the post-event phase.A system that rewards talent and hard work...is called a Meritocracy.The number of social media views, revenue generated, or number of participants...are examples of measurables to list on a resume.Voucher for food and/or merchandise, alcohol allotment, or unlimited soft drinks...are things included in a loaded ticket.The level at which teams in the KCAC conference play...is called the NAIA.MLS, NBA, and English Premier League...all have advertisements on their jerseys.The term used instead of AAU because of the negative connotation that term has gathered...is grassroots basketball."Sports have always been a huge part of my life."...is a phrase should you never begin your cover letter with.The only way I can transfer the ticket is to give someone else my phone...is unique about the Kansas City Chiefs Game Day Pass.Doug Flutie and Boston College...is the event lead to the original belief that athletic success can lead to positive university outcomes.Clear bag policies, metal detectors, and texting security programs...are examples of risk management in professional sport.High school sport teams that pay coaches high salaries, travel to out-of-state games, and have million dollar facilities are examples of...a commercialized sport system.Friday, Saturday, Rival, Highly ranked opponent...games will be more expensive in dynamic pricing.Team created communication that appears to be original and creative and not just a marketing strategy...is organic content.Tickets, access, parking, SWAG, and tax benefits...are benefits desired by transactional donors.Speaker who worked in compliance for the NCAA...was Chris Brown.We've moved from sport for fitness or socialization to sport for...competition.Alfonso Soriano, Joaquin Árias, 67 million dollars...were traded for Alex Rodriguez by the Yankees.The difference between public relations and journalism...is who is creating the content.Athletic scholarships are not offered...in Division III and that makes it unique.Kansas City Bees...was the team name proposed by the consultant group for Sporting Kansas City.Higher GPA, graduation rate, and less deviance are benefits of...high school and youth sport participation.He advised students to "capture the mind space" of everyone you work for:...Justin Bauman.The type of selling, at the bottom of the consumer escalator, where the focus is on tangible product....is called benefit-selling.Grants-in-aid, salaries, and facilities...are the biggest sources of expenses in intercollegiate athletics.The program Derek Evans completed before coming to MOKAN Basketball...is Teach for America.A system that rewards talent and hard work...is Meritocracy.Understanding how you are viewed by the people you interact with...is self-awareness or political skill.I Pay Ten A Year...is the name of Clemson's fundraising arm, IPTAY.A system in which the monies generated by all the member schools are split equally...is revenue sharing.The first marketing director at KU...is Kent Weiser.A system that will move private high schools to higher divisions for competition...is a Multiplier System."On" all the time in public...is one requirement of a good fundraiser.The term for the belief that athletic success will lead to successful outcomes for the university...is the "Flutie Factor".The level of collegiate sport that the conference Kelli Elmore works for is in...is NAIA.