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The stage floor between the front edge of the stage and front curtain

Arena stage

Staging in the center of a room with the audience sitting on all sides of the playing area. Sometimes called "theater in the round"


Words spoken by characters to the audience rather than to the characters, who supposedly do not hear the speech.


To try out for a play

Backdrop (drop)

A painted canvas or musulin curtain hanging from a batten to form part of the scenery


the arena behind the scenery not visible to the audience


the process of selecting actors for various roles

cold reading

when an actor auditions for a role without having read the script


when an actor moves from one side of the stage to the other


moving in the opposite direction and out of the way- of another actor who is moving across stage`


the area of a stage closest to the audience

external traits

characteristics that make up a characters physical appearance such as posture, gestures, mannerism, voice and clothes


the imaginary wall through which the audience views the play


facing completely away from or completely toward the audience

going up

forgetting ones lines during rehersal or performance/ blanking


a room where actors relax before and after performances


another name for auditorium, the place where the audience sits

illusion of the first time

the actors ability to perform in a show over and over while making it appear that a dialogue and situations are happening for the first time

break characters

to do something on stage not in keeping with the character you are playing. ex: to giggle or smile at your audience

call back

when the director wants to see you for a second audition

checkout or open up

when an actor makes sure he or she can be seen by the audience


a situation where the actor makes up dialogue on the spot

method acting

an approach that sells on the actor to use personal experience and sense memory to develop a character


a long speech by a character

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