The Other Wes Moore

Summary : chapter 3

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Most of Wes neighborhood and friends
were attending public schools in the area; a few were attending Catholic school.
Just and Wes
were the only two who actually went all the way across town to attend a predominantly white private school
Wes was suspended for fighting
after the boy was rushed to the school nurse and eventually to the hospital to get a few stitches.(p50)
Wes ' uncle Howard was my mother 's younger brother
who had recently made a decision with his medical school that becoming a doctor was not in the cards for him , and he moved to the Bronx, where he worked as a pharmaceutical salesman. ( p53)
Wes invited ten friends from school to come
and play against my friends from the neighborhood.
There fights and four innings later,
I conceded that the experiment wasn't working out.
Wes was becoming too "rich" for the kids from the neighborhood
and too "poor' for the kids at school.
In the third grade Wes was reading at a second-grade reading level.
Later in life he learned that the way many governors projected the numbers of beds they'd need for prison facilities was by examining the reading score of third graders.