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Joysheet 17

Africa's most populous country is:
The most urbanized country in the region is:
Which of these cities is farthest south?
Which of these cities is west?
Africa can best be described as a continent of _______.
Large plateaus and major rivers.
Which country lies offshore of Senegal?
Cape Verde
Which of these countries is no landlocked?
The country with the highest annual rate of natural increase in the region is:
Which country has more HIV cases than any other in the world?
South Africa
Which of the following about HIV and AIDS is false?
The number of new HIV cases reported in Africa has recently increased slightly.
Which of these statements about HIV and AIDS in Africa is true?
Compulsory licensing allows poor countries to purchase drugs such as AIDS "cocktails" at cheaper prices.
Which of these statements about HIV and AIDS is false?
The drug nevirapine has a 70 percent success rate in blocking transmission of the virus between mother and child during birth.
The Niger River does not run through which of these countries?
Which of these lakes is not located near the Great Rift Valley?
Lake Chad
Which of these statements about African rivers is false?
A great percentage of the potential hydroelectric generation has been developed.
The Sahel is:
A drought-prone tropical steppe south of the Sahara Desert.
Agriculturally, over half of Africa's people practice _______ and _______.
Pastoralism; subsistence agriculture.
Why is cattle raising uncommon in parts of tropical Africa?
A deadly disease transmitted by tsetse flies.
The most famous African example of close dependence upon cattle are the:
Which of thee following is know as "Africa's Greatest Conservationist"?
The tsetse fly
Which of these statements is false?
In 1984 there were an estimated 35,000 rhinos in Zimbabwe.
"Swahili" means _____ in Arabic.
Which of these statements about the slave trade is false?
Male slaves were never able to assume important political offices.
Most slaves taken out of Africa and sold to buyers in North Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia were:
Women who would become concubines and servants.
Which of the following best describes the triangular trade?
Guns, alcohol and manufactured goods from Europe to Africa; slaves from Africa to the Americas; gold, silver, tobacco, sugar and rum from the Americas to Europe.
In Which country does slavery still exist despite being outlawed three times?
Which country is the main supplier and trafficker of children sold into modern-day slaver?
The earliest European colonial power to build an empire in Africa was the:
What was the significance of the Conference in Berlin?
European powers established their spheres of influence in Africa.
By 1900, only which two African countries has not been colonized?
Liberia and Ethiopia
Which of these statements about the effects of colonialism in Africa is true?
All of the other answers
(Most modern national boundaries...; Europeans introduced new crops...; Colonizers often corrupted...; Subsistence farmers were marginalized...)
Which European country has a long history of post-colonial intervention in political and military affairs of African nations?
Which statement about Madagascar's caves and belief systems is false?
The razana is a long wall of ancient limestone eroded by wind and water into razor-sharp formations.
Which of these statements about African agriculture is false?
The proportion of African exports made up of cash crops has decreased in recent years.
Which country refused to distribute tons of American corn to it's citizens?
What are branded diamonds?
Diamonds sold to customers with a guarantee it came from a conflict-free area.
What is the Kimberely Process
A method of tracking and shipping legally-mined diamonds from Africa.
According to the books, which African country wants to be an international call center using Internet telephony?
In 2002, the African Union was formed to replace the old and often insequential:
Organisation of African Unity.
Mobutu Sese Seko was the head of government in:
According to the map in the book, which of these countries is considered "free" in terms of political freedom?
Which of these countries did not experience a major war insurrection between 1994 and 2004?
The U.S. military has made what country a military center, mainly for antiterrorism?
Which country is viewed as the key to regional stability?
South Africa
Which of these statements about geopolitics in Africa is false?
U.S. aid to the region dropped by 60 percent between 1985 and 1992.
The "one percent gap" is:
The difference between the growth of food production and population growth.
Which capital city is located on Lake Victoria?
Which island country lies at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel?
Nomadic herding is most characteristic of which of these countries?
Which of the following is not a cultural trait of "Africanity"?
An identity tied closely to the land, with clear demarcations of what land one person owns
What was the "mistake of 1914"?
The British creation of the Nigerian colony.
True or False: Almost half of Africa's population is 15 or younger.
True or False: The U.S. drug company Merck agreed to sell AIDS drugs to Doctors Without Borders for $140 which would then distribute the drugs to Africans for free.
True or False: According to Robert Stock, African parents prefer to have many children to keep the "chain of life" growing.
True or False: Most of Africa's export crops are grown on plantations and elite-owned estates.
True or False: Microlenders generally prefer to lend money to women instead of men.