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Humphreys Summit

What is the highest point in Arizona?

February 14, 1912

On what date did Arizona become the 48th state in the USA?

God Enriches

Arizona's motto is "Ditat Deus":. What does this mean?

North and South

Is AZ longer from North/South or East/West?

Petrified Forest

Name the forest in the eastern AZ where the trees turned to stone?

San Xarier Del Bac

Name the mission, south of Tucson, Father Kino founded

Grand Canyon

Name the best known canyon in AZ?

Colorado River, Yuma

Where is the lowext point in AZ?


Largest city in AZ?


What country borders AZ to the South?


What city is home to Lowell Observatory?

Tombone, AZ

Where in AZ is the OK Corral?

Maricopa County

What county is Phoenix in?

Kitt Peak Observatory

Name the Observatory southwest of Tucson?

Colorado River

Name the river that runs through the Grand Canyon?

Gila River

The san Carlos lake is located on what river?

Santa Cruz

What river flows just west of Tucson?

Navajo or Hopi

What large reservation is located in the northern corner of AZ?


What region is Pheonix located in?

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