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The process by which one community is replaced by another until a stable community occupies the area.


Repairing some of the damage to an ecosystem.


The careful management and wise use of natural resources. One way to do less harm to ecosystems is to use less of the natural resources they contain.


Changing the packaging or makeup of a product so that it takes fewer resources to make. Packaging materials make up most of the trash thrown away in the US.


Some ecosystems are protected from change by limits on their use. The protection of an area is called preservation. Example: a national park


All the living and nonliving things that exist and interact in one place.


The process of being worn away bit by bit, such as by water or wind.


The place where an animal or plant naturally lives and grows.

Ecosystem Changes

Over time, changes in climate, rate of erosion & population growth causes big changes in ecosystems


The United States government helped in the _________________ of ecosystems by setting aside national parks.


When the community in an ecosystem changes over time, the process is known as ____________________.


The ___________________ of a strip mine can make a new habitat for wildlife.


When people use resources wisely, they are practicing _______________________.


______________________ conserves resources by using less material to make or package an item.


As plants and animals die in a marsh, their remains add to the marsh's _______________.


A new aluminum can made from used cans is an example of ______________.

A national park

Where would you probably find a lake that is protected by law from any fishing?

Taking shorter showers

An example of water conservation.


A new bottle that requires less plastic to make is an example of _______________.


If a hurricane were to destroy the habitat of plants along the coast, new plants would grow. This process is called _________________.

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