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short for microorganism which means small organism - observed with a microscope


% of microbes contribute to the quality of human life


Infectious agents composed primarily of protein which induce the existing polypeptides in host cells to take on its form.


single cell with nuclear material but no nuclear membrane or membrane bound organelles


most cells - with organized nucleus and membrane bound organelles

Mitochondria and Chloroplasts

have DNA similar to that of a Prokaryotic cell and can reproduce independent of the rest of the Eukaryotic cell


has only one cell, lives in all environments.

small minority

A _____ ________ of microbes cause disease in humans by sheer numbers or producing powerful toxins.

bacteria, Archaea, algae, fungi, protozoa, and viruses

major groups of microbes are:


In terms of numbers, what represent most of the diversity of life on earth and are found in every environment?


Viruses do not have cellular components, nor do they grow or metabolize organic materials. Generally consist of a piece of nucleic acid encased in protein which must use the cellular components of a living cell to reproduce.


proteinaceous infectious particles


infectious agents composed primarily of protein which induce the existing polypeptides in host cells to take on its form.

Cell Wall

what part of the cell is for protection and support?


what, in plants, is for photosynthesis?

Prokaryotes, Eukaryotic

It is believed that both chloroplasts and mitochondria were one independent ___________ who took up residence in the __________ cell and have developed a special symbiotic relationship.


kind of cell that is in bacteria


how many cells are in bacteria

all environments

where do bacteria live?

sherical, rod, spiral

shapes of bacteria


some form spores


bacteria that make their own food as plants and give off oxygen


Cyanobacteria and purple and green bacteria are.....


bacteria that synthesize their own food using energy from chemical reations.

recycling in nitrogen and sulfur cycles

what are chemoautorphic bacteria important for?


What do some bacteria have that rotates like a tiny outboard motor?

slime like slugs

how do bacteria that don't have flagella move?

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