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  1. Systematic phonics instruction has these 3 characteristics:
  2. Define syllable
  3. The phonics objective of beginning reading instruction should include 4 elements. Name them.
  4. Name 4 stages of reading development.
  5. Can the combination of syllables creating words be called blending?
  1. a Yes.
  2. b A word part that contains a
    vowel or vowel sound.
  3. c 1. Planned

    2. Carefully selected letter/sound relationships

    3. Logically sequenced
  4. d Phonics:

    * Phonemic awareness

    * Phonemic blending

    * Phonemic decoding
  5. e 4 Stages of Reading Development:

    1. Emergent

    2. Beginning

    3. Fluent

    4. Remedial

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  1. Onset
  2. Yes.
  3. No.
  4. Yes.
  5. 4th to 8th.

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  1. The more thorough definition of phoneme is...The smallest part of spoken language
    that makes a difference in the meaning of words.


  2. Phoneme Manipulation is:The analysis and study of
    meanings of
    words, phrases, and sentences.


  3. Will the development of early reading skills allow children to gain opportunities for future learning possibilities?Yes.


  4. Beginning readers can be characterized as:
    - pre-alphabetic
    - Alphabetic
    - Orthographic
    Emergent readers can be characterized as:


  5. Rime is the:The part of a syllable that contains the vowel and everything after it.


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