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  1. Grapheme
  2. Can understanding semantics assist when decoding in understanding why a word "sounds" correct in a sentence?
  3. Onset is the:
  4. Beginning readers are often in what age range?
  5. Name 3 additional Developmental Expectations of the beginning reader.
  1. a Smallest part of a written language
    that represents a phoneme
    when spelling a word.
  2. b Yes.
  3. c Initial consonant sound of a syllable.
  4. d The age of beginning readers often ranges between:
    K to 2nd (3rd) grade
  5. e 4. Rhyme

    5. Blend words

    6. Begin to recognize phonograms

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  1. ... explicit
  2. A unit of meaning that cannot be divided into smaller elements.
  3. Orthographic

    Orthographic: ability to decode using larger units of print.
  4. 4 Stages of Reading Development:

    1. Emergent

    2. Beginning

    3. Fluent

    4. Remedial
  5. ... the ability to manipulate the sound structure of language.

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  1. Remedial readers are identified in what grade?Early childhood to pre-K.


  2. Phonics instruction is most effective when instruction begins at what grade?With reading instruction the child should begin basic phonemic awareness:

    1. Begin to recognize print in the environment

    2. Begin to recognize letter shapes

    3. Begin to make predictions in stories

    4. Pretend to read


  3. Phonemic awareness is also the understanding that ...... sounds work together to make words.


  4. An example of visual clues in environmental print would be ...4 Stages of Reading Development:

    1. Emergent

    2. Beginning

    3. Fluent

    4. Remedial


  5. Will the development of early reading skills allow children to gain opportunities for future learning possibilities?Yes.