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  1. Onset & rime are smaller than syllables but larger than...
  2. There are 6 objectives for reading instruction for remedial readers. Name the first 3.
  3. Define syllable
  4. T/F: Approximately 2 years of phonics instruction is sufficient for most students.
  5. The vocabulary objective of beginning reading instruction should include 3 elements. Name them.
  1. a ... phonemes.
  2. b 1. Assessment of identified reading weakness (diagnosis)

    2. Teaching explicit strategies based on diagnosis

    3. Linking instruction to prior knowledge
  3. c A word part that contains a
    vowel or vowel sound.
  4. d True :-)
  5. e Vocabulary

    1. Word-attack skills

    2. Spelling

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  1. ... syllables.
  2. Yes.
  3. True.
  4. Onset
  5. * Hear
    * Identify
    * Manipulate
    the phonemes in spoken words

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  1. Fluent readers should receive systematic and explicit instruction in reading.
    Name 6 objectives of this instruction.
    1. Work-attack skills (multisyllabic words)

    2. Decoding

    3. Spelling and vocabulary

    4. Fluency

    5. Comprehension of text (context skills)

    6. Utilizing metacognition


  2. Can understanding semantics assist when decoding in understanding why a word "sounds" correct in a sentence?Yes.


  3. Phonics is:The understanding that there is a predictable relationship between phonemes and graphemes.


  4. Beginning readers should receive systematic and explicit instruction in reading.
    Name 4 objectives of this instruction.
    1. Phonics

    2. Vocabulary

    3. Comprehension

    4. Listening and writing


  5. Beginning readers are often in what age range?4th to 8th.