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  1. Fluent readers should receive systematic and explicit instruction in reading.
    Name 6 objectives of this instruction.
  2. Emergent readers can be characterized as:
    - pre-alphabetic
    - Alphabetic
    - Orthographic
  3. Is syntax also the examination of various ways that words combine to create meaning?
  4. Beginning readers can be characterized as:
    - pre-alphabetic
    - Alphabetic
    - Orthographic
  5. Phonics is:
  1. a Emergent readers can be characterized as:
  2. b Alphabetic
  3. c 1. Work-attack skills (multisyllabic words)

    2. Decoding

    3. Spelling and vocabulary

    4. Fluency

    5. Comprehension of text (context skills)

    6. Utilizing metacognition
  4. d Yes.
  5. e The understanding that there is a predictable relationship between phonemes and graphemes.

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  1. The analysis of spoken or written symbols
    in order to understand meaning.
  2. A unit of meaning that cannot be divided into smaller elements.
  3. * Breaking words into phonemes or syllables
    * Breaking syllables into onsets & rimes
  4. With reading instruction the child should begin basic phonemic awareness:

    1. Begin to recognize print in the environment

    2. Begin to recognize letter shapes

    3. Begin to make predictions in stories

    4. Pretend to read
  5. ... the ability to manipulate the sound structure of language.

5 True/False questions

  1. Onset & rime are smaller than syllables but larger than...... phonemes.


  2. Beginning readers begin writing simple CVC words with a single sound, usually the beginning sound. What happens next?The age of beginning readers often ranges between:
    K to 2nd (3rd) grade


  3. How can remedial readers attain the reading skills with which they are struggling?Via re-teaching all of the modalities taught to beginning readers.


  4. T/F: Approximately 2 years of phonics instruction is sufficient for most students.True :-)


  5. The vocabulary objective of beginning reading instruction should include 3 elements. Name them.Phonics:

    * Phonemic awareness

    * Phonemic blending

    * Phonemic decoding