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  1. Segmenting is:
  2. Explicit phonics programs ...
  3. Is syntax also the examination of various ways that words combine to create meaning?
  4. Syntax is:
  5. Word-attack skills refers to...
  1. a ... provide teachers with
    precise directions for teaching
    letter/sound relationships.
  2. b The study of:
    * how sentences are formed

    * pattern or structure of word order in sentences
  3. c * Breaking words into phonemes or syllables
    * Breaking syllables into onsets & rimes
  4. d Yes.
  5. e Word-attack skills refers to strategies readers use to decode unknown words.

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  1. 4. Rhyme

    5. Blend words

    6. Begin to recognize phonograms
  2. Phonics:

    * Phonemic awareness

    * Phonemic blending

    * Phonemic decoding
  3. The understanding that there is a predictable relationship between phonemes and graphemes.
  4. 1. Letters are associated with sounds

    2. Begin to read simple CVC words

    3. Writing simple CVC words evolves to CVC
  5. A word part that contains a
    vowel or vowel sound.

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  1. Blending can be combining phonemes to create...... words or syllables.


  2. Beginning readers are often in what age range?Early childhood to pre-K.


  3. Can the combination of syllables creating words be called blending?4 Stages of Reading Development:

    1. Emergent

    2. Beginning

    3. Fluent

    4. Remedial


  4. Beginning readers should receive systematic and explicit instruction in reading.
    Name 4 objectives of this instruction.
    1. Phonics

    2. Vocabulary

    3. Comprehension

    4. Listening and writing


  5. Does phonological awareness include the ability to work with the sounds of a language at the word, syllable and phoneme level?Yes.


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