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  1. Fluent readers are often in what grade range?
  2. What is the rime of bag?
  3. Phonological awareness includes phonemic awareness and ...
  4. Blending can also be the combining of onsets and rimes creating??
  5. Define morpheme
  1. a ... the ability to manipulate the sound structure of language.
  2. b -ag
  3. c A unit of meaning that cannot be divided into smaller elements.
  4. d ... syllables.
  5. e 4th to 8th.

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  1. The age of beginning readers often ranges between:
    K to 2nd (3rd) grade
  2. ... sounds work together to make words.
  3. Yes.
  4. No.

    The expectation is that these students will acquire reading skills consistent with the standards.
  5. * Blending phonemes to make words

    * Segmenting words into phonemes

    * Deleting/Adding phonemes from/to words

    * Substituting phonemes to make new words

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  1. Is syntax also the examination of various ways that words combine to create meaning?Yes.


  2. Developmental expectations of fluent readers contain 4 objectives. Name them.1. Letters are associated with sounds

    2. Begin to read simple CVC words

    3. Writing simple CVC words evolves to CVC


  3. Segmenting is:* Breaking words into phonemes or syllables
    * Breaking syllables into onsets & rimes


  4. Systematic phonics instruction has these 3 characteristics:1. Planned

    2. Carefully selected letter/sound relationships

    3. Logically sequenced


  5. Explicit phonics programs ...Yes.