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Intro to Theatre Exam #2

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All Japanese-American military wives after World War 2. They have all been in the country for 23 years now. They all gather to have Tea, honor Himiko, and help her pass on (cultural and spiritual ritual). They each tell their story.

Himiko- Dies before the play starts and spends the whole play in some sort of suspended limbo state before her soul passes on. Watches her mother die at a young age by commiting suicide via self drowning. Her teenage daughter was murdered and raped by a stranger when she went hitchhiking to spite her mother. Himiko kills her husband and soon after kills herself.
Himiko's husband is from Oklahoma and is white. He was incredibly abusive. Himiko became a dancer in Japan before she met her husband. Her job was to dance with American Soldiers. Her husband was one of her customers. That's how they met.

Atsuko- Married a Japanese American soldier. She is a bit of a Japanese supremacist and very unhappy to be the tea ceremony that these women are holding for the late Himiko. She looks down on Himiko. Unlike a lot of other women, her husband is still alive.

Chizuye- The most well integrated into American culture of the bunch and the most peppy. She married a Mexican- American soldier. Goes by "chiz" pronounced "cheese" and gives the other women nicknames. Her husband is dead

Teruko- Also slightly peppy like Chiz, but for most of the play kept under Atsuko's thumb. Married a Texan white soldier who was a customer at a barber shop she worked at. Her husband is dead.

Setsuko- Married a Black American soldier and strangely fascinated by his skin tone. Calls it the "color of soy sauce." Ostracized by her family for her choices, although this aspect of her character is not unique to her.