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the individual parts of a hard interior framework that provides shape and protection for the body


a rubbery flexible material that sometimes connects bones and provides shape for some body parts including the nose and ears


the place where two bones meet


the system that includes all the bones in the body


a hollow case, made from 18 dused bony plates and two jaw bones, that surrounds and protects the brain, inner ears and eyes


the main part of the body, including the shoulders, chest, abdomen and hips

the functions(jobs) of the skeleton are:

1:to give the body its shape, 2:to support the body. 3:to protect important body organs: 4: to help the body move


the human body has this many bones

what does the skull protect

the brain and sense organs, eyes, nose, inner ears and tongue

what does the rib cage protect

the heart, lungs, stomach, spleen and liver

what does the vertebrae of the spine protect

the spinal cord

what does the pelvis protect

the intestines and the bladder

bones of many mammals

they are the same in number and shape, but are different in size

the shape of a bone

is often a clue to its function or job

as you grow

your skeleton grows and changes, your bones grow and some even fuse together


these are not bones

individual bones

they are hard and do not bend, the skeleton is flexible. it can bend between bones at joints.

where is cartilage found

found at the enones. it protects the bones and helps joints move smoothly

what are the bones of the spine called

vertebrae, they have cartilage between them, allowing the spine to bend and twist.


the longest bone in the human body, upper leg

what are the smallest bones in the human body

the hammer, anvil and stirrup in the inner ear

what are bones made of

mostly calcium and protein. bones need oxygen, vitamins and mineral to stay strong. a good diet and plenty of exercise can help keep bones healthy and strong.

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