SBHS SPA II Preterito

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trabaj贸he workedfuehe went / (it was)fuiI wentayeryesterdayla semana pasadalast weekel a帽o pasadolast yearcom铆I atecomi贸he atecomisteyou atecomieronthey atebusqu茅I looked forbusc贸he looked forbuscaronthey looked forestuvimoswe were (location)pidieronthey asked/ordereddurmi贸he sleptmintieronthey liedjugu茅I playedanochelast nightprefer铆I preferedprefiri贸she preferedrepetimoswe repeatedrepitieronthey repeatedjugasteyou informal playedjug贸he playedjugamoswe playedempec茅I began/startedempezasteyou informal beganempez贸he/she beganmuri贸he/she diedtrajeI broughttrajoshe/he broughtpudeI was able topudisteyou informal were able tosupeI found outvineI camevinohe cameme vest铆I got dressedpuseI placed/putpusoshe/he placed or putpusimoswe placed/putcre铆I believedcre铆steyou (informal) believedcreyeronthey believedo铆I heardo铆steyou (informal) heardoyeronthey heardle铆I readle铆steyou (informal) readleyeronthey read

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