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  1. complete a particular task; task dimension emphasized; people pool together to accomplish task
  2. group of 2
  3. largest # in a group that can still work well
  4. any group w/ whom individuals identify and whose attitudes and values they often adopt
  5. group which comes together spontaneously; ex. group of friends
  6. impersonal and temporary interaction; casual, arranged around goals; reaction to only 1 pt. of person's personality; ex. jobs

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  1. out-groupgroup that a person does not belong and/or does not identify with


  2. group differenceslength of time together; organizational structure; size


  3. contrivedgroup of 3; decisions easier b/c 2 v. 1


  4. conjunctive work groupwork group; members perform different but related tasks to achieve goal; ex. assebmly line


  5. in-groupgroup that a person belongs to and identifies with


  6. triadgroup of 2


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