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They're supreme :)

Engel vs. Vitale

"Angels were ruled not vital in schools"
"Angels vs. How Vital Is It?"
*case that said organized prayer is unconstitutional in school

Baker vs. Carr

"Bakers give out one cookie(vote) to one man"
*case that established the principle of one man, one vote

Korematsu vs. US

"Korematsu is a Japanese name"
*the federal goernment had the power to exclude and intern Japanese Americans during WWII

Dred Scott vs. Sandford

"Dread S.C.O.T.T b/c Slaves Considered Objects T.T"
*court ruled in 1857 that slaves were property, not citizens.

Plessy vs. Ferguson

"Please? Nope, you're separate but equal"
*separate but equal

Brown vs. Board of Education

"Brown education is good"
*stated in 1954 that it was unconstitutional to maintain separate black and white schools

Regents of the University of California vs. Bakke

"You're baked and we only admit you if you also do well in school."
*Quotas = NOT OKAY. Affirmative Action = OKAY.
**Allan Bakke, 35 year old white male, applied twice to get into the University of California Medical School at Davis. School reserves 16 seats of every class of 100 students for minority applicants as part of their affirmative action program. Bakke is denied twice, even though he is much more qualified than several of the minority applicants they took.
• Bakke sews arguing these actions are in violation with the Equal Protection Clause and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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