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All of the following are characteristics of the process of digestion except

C. saliva contains enzymes that digest sugars, fats, and

A diet for a person with a fat malabsorption syndrome would typically contain how many grams of fat?

C. 25 to 50 grams

Which of the following foods would be the most appropriate for a person with diverticulosis?

D. wheat bran

All of the following meet the guidelines for a post-gastrectomy diet except

A. unlimited liquids with meals

An appropriate food for a client with celiac disease is

C. applesauc

All of the following are included in medical nutrition therapy for constipation except

B. a low-fiber diet

Three-year-old Jenny is on antibiotics for 10 days. Inher mother was advised to add _____ to her diet. order to prevent complications

, D. yogurt

The purpose of bicarbonate in the digestive process is to

A. raise the pH of chyme

Why is there little or no digestion of starch in the stomach?

D. Salivary enzymes do not work in an acid environment

The home health care nurse is visiting Paul Cantu an 82-year-old man recovering from a stroke. Upon assessment, the nurse observes that Mr. Cantu has lost weight, has a hoarse voice, and exhibits a gurgling noise after swallowing. In this situation, the nurse should suspect

, B. dysphagia

The backflow of gastric contents from the stomach into the mouth is

D. A. an esophageal stricture.B. heartburn. C. reflux

Into what region of the intestinal tract does the stomach empty?

D. Duodenum

Examples of liquids that can be incorporated into a diet for a client with an order for spoon-thick liquids include all of the following except

C. yogurt

What is used to diagnose the cause of dysphagia?

E. A. barium swallow study B. endoscopy in the esophageal lumen C. neurological examination

What structure controls the passage of material from the small intestine to the large intestine?

B. Ileocecal valve

In the healthy state the lining of the small intestine has millions of villi, but in certain diseases the intestine appears "shaved" when viewed under a microscope. Which of the following would be the most likely consequence of not having these villi?

, B. Nutrient absorption will be poor

For patients with celiac disease dietitians recommend adapting their diets by

, A. following a gluten-free diet

Dan an alcoholic for the past 20 years, has been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. How can his physician determine whether pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy is helping Dan or not?

, B. monitor his fecal fat concentrations

Steve is finally able to eat solid foods after being hospitalized with acute pancreatitis six days ago. Which kind of diet would be most appropriate at this time?

D. low

Pain bloating, or discomfort in the upper abdominal area is termed ,

B. dyspepsia

Which of the following is a description of chyme?

B. A semiliquid mass of partially digested food released by the stomach into the small intestine

What is a bolus?

B. Portion of food swallowed at one time

Inflammation and lesions along the ileum and colon are called

B. Crohn's disease

What structure controls the release of material from the stomach to the small intestine?

B. Pyloric sphincter

Which of the following body organs does not secrete digestive enzymes?

A. Liver

Dietary recommendations for a person with diverticulosis include a

A. high-fiber diet

Which of the following is a feature of peristalsis?

D. It consists of wavelike muscular contractions resulting from alternate tightening and relaxing of circular muscles and longitudinal muscles

All of the following may be caused by dumping syndrome except

B. a reduction in heart rate

Which of the following is not a sphincter muscle?

C. Duodenum

Frequent reflux of highly acidic gastric fluids results in

A. inflammation and scarring of the esophagus

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