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The Opium Wars

War over the trading rights between Europe and China

Unequal Treaties

Treaties that benefited Europe which gave them trading rights with China


British citizens accused of crimes had the right to be tried in British courts rather than in Chinese courts

Taiping Rebellion

Started by Hong Xiuquan, a missionary, which resisted the Qing Dynasty

Boxer Rebellion

Boxers attacked missionaries and Christians, so they could restore China's glory

Sun Yixian

A revolutionary who overthrew the Qing Dynasty and started a democratic country

Treaty of Kanagawa

Treaty that allowed American ships to stop at 2 Japanese ports

Meji Restoration

A period of time ruled by Emperor Meji. He united Japan and also westernized Japan.

Three Principles of the People

Sun Yixian's philosophy, Nationalism, Democracy, and Socialism

Commissioner Lin

The Commissioner of China who destroyed Opium and fought against Europe during the Opium War.

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