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It is only in superior mental powers, not in physical strength or ____ of the senses, that human beings surpass other living things.


Cleopatra took her own life rather than suffer the ___ of being led through the streets of Rome in chains.


Like a true fanatic, he considers anyone who disagrees with him on any issue to be either feebleminded or ____.


Your language is indeed clever and amusing, but your argument is nothing but a piece of outright ____.


In a democracy, the government must rule by persuassion and consent -- not by mere ____.


The conversation between the computer programmers was so ___ that i wasn't sure whether they were speaking English.


Her imagination is like a ___ feild in which new ideas spring up like so many ripe ears of corn.


In that rarefied atmosphere, i was afraid to ask about anything quite so ___ as the location of the john.


We will never abandon a cause that has been ___ by the achievements and sacrafices of so many noble people.


Someone with a pronounced ___ for saying the wrong thing might justly be described as a victim of "foot-in-mouth" disease.


I appreciate all those kind expressions of gratitude for my services, but i had hoped also to ___ some greenbacks.


Probably no complaint of young people is more ___ than "My parents don't understand me!"


Scandal and corruption may so ____ an administration that it can no longer function effectively.


He means well, but we cannot tolerate his highly ____ behavior in an organization that depends on discipline and teamwork.


How i'd love to knock the wind out of the sails of that lout's ____ conceit!


Two synonyms are rarely exactly the same because ____ of tone or applicability make each of the words unique.


The alert defense put up by our team completely neutralized our opponents' ___ unstoppable passing attack.


A true sign of intellectual maturity is the ability to distinguish the ___ of wishful thinking from reality.


The ___ banquet was a pleasent change of pace from the spartan fare to which i had become accustomed.


Few writers have J.D. Salinger's remarkable ability to ____ the emotions and aspirations of the average teenager.

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