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make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose
S: contain
When we moved into our new house we hade to accommodate all of our stuff.


capture someone or something
S: comprehend
After each sentences I either had to say I apprehend or i dont comprehend


cleverly amusing in tone
S: amusing
My mom made a rude comment but made it sound facetious


the proper sphere or extent of your activities
S: business
The province in which i work in is very comfortable and peaceful.


give evidence of the quality of
S: cast
The old mirrow couldn't reflect stuff so well anymore.


more than is needed, desired, or required
S: unwanted
The superfluous dog left the house and was later hit by a car.


terminate or take out
S: terminate
The job of an assasin is to eliminate a specific target


incapable of failure or error
S: perfect
Most teaches think their infallible!


come or be in close contact with
S: carve
Inorder for me to break loose i had to cleave to ropes., come or be in close contact with, come or be in close contact with


prevent from being seen or discovered
S: cache
When criminals commit a crime they try to conceal all their evidence.


someone who perpetrates wrongdoing
S: criminal
The culprit guy will soon have whats coming to him.


be or do something to a greater degree
S: better
We had to surmount ourself inorder to succed


a surrounding or nearby region
S: around
The vicinity fence was starting to get old so it wouldn't hold back wolfs and other creatures.


the particular occupation for which you are trained
S: career
My vocation doesnt seem to be going to the path i thought it would go.


make off with belongings of others
S: snatch
I hate when others pilfer with stuff.

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