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  1. AutoFormat
  2. Argument
  3. Range
  4. Functions
  5. Relative cell reference
  1. a The specific values on which the function is to operate
  2. b A prewritten formula that provides a shortcut to common calculations
  3. c A single cell or any rectangular block of cells
  4. d A feature that allows you to change a worksheet's overall appearance by choosing from predefined formats
  5. e Cell reference which changes according to the location of the cell in which the reference occurs

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  1. A chart which is positioned as part of an existing worksheet
  2. A single value originating in a worksheet
  3. Lines used to distinguish different zones on a worksheet
  4. The name of a document in Excel
  5. An arithmetical expression used to calculate values

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  1. ValuesA single cell or any rectangular block of cells


  2. Sheet tabTabs you use to select different sheets


  3. Nonadjacent rangeA single cell or any rectangular block of cells


  4. Formula BarFound directly above column headings; shows location in spreadsheet and what was typed in cell


  5. InputData that is to be entered into a worksheet