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Emily Dickinson & Coming to Our Senses


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differentiate (v)
to distinguish or demonstrate the individual qualities of
incorporate (v)
to absorb or make part of a whole
mode (n)
a way or means for expressing or doing something
orient (v)
to place or align in relation to something else
perspective (n)
a viewpoint from a particular position; an outlook or standpoint
stintless (adj)
without limit or restraint
acuity (n)
critical perceptiveness; awareness
stimuli (n)
things that cause a response or reaction
propensity (n)
a tendency to behave in a certain way
transcend (v)
to go beyond or rise above
logarithmic (adj)
capable of being raised by repeated multiplication of itself; exponential
stellar magnitude scale (n)
system of measurement for the brightness of starlight
acoustic decibel scale (n)
system of measure for the loudness of sounds
seismic scale (n)
system of measurement for intensity of earthquakes
parapsychology (n)
the study of unexplainable or supernatural mental phenomena
troglodyte (n)
a primitive creature or a cave dweller
precarious (adj)
unsafe or insecure