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Two dimensions: the first is the complex structure beneath the narrative in films that evoke certain associations in the audience and thereby creates greater meaning for the character, action, or story image projected onscreen. 2ND meanings projected from the screen. intellectual and emotional connections made by the audience with what they are watching.
resonancepersonally affected by the film. when a particular scene from a film strongly affects members of the audience.textualitya specific feature in a film that reveals significant aspects of culture in which is it produced. films are complex cultural artifacts.american cinemathe body of work created by the film industry in the U.S. from the 1890s to now serves both as mass entertainment and as cultural history.Fantasyimages of life that define the world as people imagine and wish it would be rather than it literally exists. The use of imagination to project your our deepest aspirations, desires and hopes. Films use fantasy to attract mass audiences.mythFantasies that endure over time. A dramatic socially shared image of the world that explains life according to what people believe. They are passed from generation to generationmyth of american dreamthe central myth that american culture is that life will be more prosperous, free and secure for succeeding generations. The American Dream: that if you come to these shores you will have a good life and live by the rules of the culture.myth of redemptive violencethe myth that a violent act requiring risk and sacrifice saves and cleanses a person or thing. The violence that is portrayed in justified because it was directly for the greater good.myth of redemptive lovethe myth in which a loving act requiring risk and sacrifice saves and cleanses a person. The act of love that saves the life of another person or dedicating life.myth of reluctant herothe myth that heroic indiviuals naturally through the great reluctance arise from time to time to set things right in corrupt societies. one individual is better than groupshero's journey/adventurein myths the hero takes a journey that test his courage and character. The reward if completed is knowledge about self and life denied those who did not undertake the journey.heroan object of admiration and respect based on the possession and use of socially defined virtues. Purpose of hero is to make sense, explain and give meaning to human experience. courage.antiheroThe protagonist in the film with whom the audience associates with but who possesses non heroic and weak qualities not traditionally belonging to to heroes.villaina wicked or evil person usually in a opposition to a hero.ritualthe repretetive and consistent activities that have complex social meaning beyond their immidant physical meaning. give form to humans. passages of lifesymbolobjects that have complex meaning beyond their physical meaning.american culture filma film produced in hollywood that has americans in it and american culture that reveals values and community in the US. Cultural norms of America.cinematic politicshow feature films portray american politicians and government, images of politics from the hollywood view.culturethe value systems of a group, community and nation that is passed down from generation to generation. Culture consists of network of norms.corruptionspiritual or moral impurity from an ideal. The abuse of public power for the private gain. lack of honesty. In government corruption is formed by bribery.governmentthe people and organizations that make and enforce decisions for our society.idealismbelief that the society is perfectible through the development and consistent application of high ethical standards politicians should strive to live by. see the world as it should be.mass mediainstrument and processes through which large numbers of people transmit and receive communication. through TV and magazinesmediated realitywhen an account of a person or event are provided by others rather than directly seen or experienced.materialismthe belief that property, money and living standard are the foundation, purpose of community life. worldly possessions.political choiceThe expression and decisions over who gets what and how in a society.political culturethe network of beliefs that orient people and groups to politics and government. proper role of government, attitudes towards government, the degree in which individuals think that can image the government in decision makingpopular cultureaspects of culture that are readily available and commonly known by everyone in the society. activity of entertainment.political filmfilms featuring government and politics, political causes and government movements.political socializationthe process by which we acquire images about our political selves and the political world. this is how the political culture is taught and learning then passed down from generation to generation. Values that last for a life time.patriarchyrule by the father, society in which the family, community and society are ruled by men and the women are socially and politically lower.pragmatismthe belief that the practical (whatever works) is to preferred over what might work or realistic (what should work). it is the preference of doing what is necessary to attain desired results. Action rather than planning. realist approach. doing rather than contemplating.thesisa proposal advanced and maintained by logic, argument and evidence.verisimilitudewhen a film has the look and feel of reality and the appearance of truth. capture the tone, texture and detail of a particular time to produce realism (realistic)worldviewa comprensive conception of the world especially from a specific historic, cultural and national standpoint.