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Sound is a form of _____ produced and transmitted by _____ _____.
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For example, when a _____ _____ is heard, it is because many _____ have been _____ with much _____.loud sound, molecules, vibrated, forceA _____ _____ is made with _____ _____ being vibrated with less force.soft sound, fewer moleculesWhen we talk sound waves travel in air. Sound also _____ in _____ and _____.travels, liquids, solidsSound travels _____ _____ through _____ then through _____ and gases because the molecules of a solid are closer together.more quickly, solids, liquidsSound travels the slowest through gases because the _____ of a _____ are _____ _____.molecules, gas, farthest apartSound travels fastest through solids where molecules are packed tightly together.Sound can't travel through empty space where there are no molecules to vibrate.